A site for SLPs where they can access digital materials for teletherapy AND weekly pre-made therapy plans!

Let me plan your teletherapy for you!

Let me plan your teletherapy sessions for you!

Hey, I’m Jennifer Bradley!

My passion is helping SLPs save time, energy, and stress by providing them with interactive therapy plans and materials to help engage their students!

I want SLPs to be able to go home at the end of the day worry-free so that they finally have time to relax!

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.


All materials are made for virtual use which means they are interactive, digital, and engaging!


Access weekly therapy plans ready for you! No more worrying or searching for materials and plans!


SLPs don’t have time and money to waste! Save your time without breaking the bank using Digital Speech Plans!

Affordable therapy plans and materials are here!

This is an affordable site where SLPs can go, access what they need when they need it, provide engaging therapy, and be proud of what they accomplish every day.

Latest Materials Added

Save hours of your time every week!

It’s all done for you! No more searching for materials or planning therapy sessions!

Skill-Based & Open-Ended Digital Activities

Access skill-based therapy materials, flashcards, word lists, and more! All materials are web-based!

Access the Materials Library & Monthly Plans!

Digital Speech Plans contains a growing library of digital therapy materials and monthly plans!

Digital Materials & Plans for PreK to 8th Grade!

Each monthly plan has materials for PreK to 8th grade general education students!

Join a community of SLPs who no longer worry about session plans!

Join a community of SLPs who no longer waste time searching for materials!

You don't realize what you are missing until you have materials and plans made for you!

How amazing would it be if you simply have to log in and find the session plans for the week?

When you decide to join Digital Speech Plans , you are deciding to do something for yourself!

You should focus your time and energy on yourself and your family, not putting in overtime for your job!

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